About:  isaac Samuela Huuti

Started in the art world with 14 years in theSchool

of Fine Arts of Tahiti (Mama'o) Centre des Metiers

d'art, also began to understand the meanings of

each symbol tattoo.

Throughout the years he has been learning new

ways and experience in the tattoo convention

crowd walking each year representing the

Polynesian tattoo in Europe.

Along with the art of tattooing, Isaac has been the

best fire dancer throughout Polynesia in 2001 after

working in the Cirque du Soleil group of Alegria in the

group, where he had the best preparation to be

the champion. Right in that year came to Spain to

work in Port Adventura  as a dancer, having great

success in the traditional dance representing their

land and culture.

It was from there that began to make hes tour

Spain and Europe to showing and displaying  their

culture in the world of tattoo, a few years ago has

given rebirth to the art of Polynesian tattoo.

To this day, with Polynesian tattoo has a very broad and extensive travel throughout Europe

by show, personalized, traditional or machine with over 15 years of experience, style: Maori,

Samoa, and Tahiti.Also Marquisas modified any type of tattoo. We make any design exclusively 

chosen by the customer, with all the meanings that exist in Polynesia such as the 4elements, protection, strength, genealogy, etc ...

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